If done correctly, pressure cooking is a big time saver in the kitchen. Presto pressure cookers operate on the principle that an increase in temperature lead to an increase in pressure. The steam escaping from the food is trapped and kept under pressure. The temperatures are raised above 100 degrees Celsius and hence the food is cooked faster. Using Presto pressure cookers has its good and bad sides. Here is a look at each of these.


The first and most obvious advantage of using Presto pressure cookers is reduced cooking time. With an increase in the temperatures the time it takes for food to be ready is reduced greatly. For example with the temperatures raised to a 110 degrees Celsius, cooking time is reduced by half from the usual while 120 degrees Celsius reduces the time into a quarter the usual time. With fast food preparation you can use your time doing other things. To add to that, cooking with pressure cookers only requires little attention. Once you have all the ingredients in the cooker all you have to do is switch it on and let it cook.

Pressure cookers use up less fuel resulting in savings on utility bill payment. This can be attributed to the fact that these cookers remain on for only short periods of time. You will not only be saving on bills though. Presto is for sure the best pressure cooker. Prestos tend to preserve the flavor and nutritional value of food. Vitamins are preserved and vitamins and minerals not leached since less water is used in preparing the food.

With Presto pressure cookers you do not need to worry about the food being undercooked. Thorough cooking is done with an indicator upon completion of cooking. With the high temperatures all micro-organisms that may result in infections are killed.

With some pressure cookers having several baskets, several foods can be prepared at a go.


Accidents are more likely to occur with the use of pressure cookers than with other cooking methods. There is steam in the pan and if not regulated properly this may go beyond what is safe and may explode. Steam may also escape if the lid is not securely tightened leading to scalds.

Cleaning is quite tasking with the gasket requiring attentive removal of food particles after every use. This also needs replacing on an annual basis which may make the use of pressure cookers expensive for some people.

When preparing several foods in different baskets in a Presto pressure cooker flavors may mix. Some foods may be overcooked and be undesirably soft.