Dads may be relatively easy to please, but that’s no reason to drop the ball on Father’s Day. A good father will wear that ugly tie until he retires, but he deserves more. The best gift ideas for Father’s Day take a father’s personality into account.

The After Work Drinker

This dad likes nothing better than to pop open a cold one after a hard day at work. He’s never barbecued without a beer in hand. And he has a special refrigerator out back reserved for his special brews.

A beer making kit is the best gift to celebrate the brew he loves. They are relatively inexpensive and come equipped with all the ingredients and equipment he’ll need to make his own brew. Making the beer will take less than a Saturday. Then maybe in a few months he’ll share his creation with the rest of the family.

The Workaholic

The Workaholic dad treats his job like his second family. Quality time with him is great, but its always before nine and after five. That’s because he spends most of his time trying to give his family a better life.

The Hobbyist

When this dad isn’t at work or hanging out with you guys, he’s in the garage. No one’s exactly sure what he does behind closed doors all day. But he seems to enjoy it and it keeps him too busy to nag the kids about taking out the trash.

This Father’s Day, why not be a good kid and find out exactly what his tinkering is all about. Do a little web searching, talk to other hobbyists in the field and really get to know the ins and outs. Use that intelligence to buy him something special. A little research can mean the difference between another coffee table book on model trains that’ll get lost on a dusty shelf and the rare vintage brass HO Locomotive model train that he’s wanted since he was 10.

The Outdoorsman


This awesome dad started taking you camping before you could talk. Thanks to him, the family has spent enough time in the great outdoors to spot all the best fishing and camping spots in town. He taught his kids how to tie fishing line, start a fire and fall asleep while looking up at the stars.

Now that everyone’s all grown up, reward the Outdoorsman dad with a camping trip that will remind him of the good old days. Pick a spot that he’s always wanted to visit or revisit the old stomping grounds. It will give him a chance to get away from it all and reconnect with his family. What more could a dad ask for on Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is about celebrating fathers. The gift shouldn’t be about a trip to a mall, but about what fathers really like. Take the time to think about it, and the perfect gift will spring to mind