Getting gifts is often a daunting task, especially if the person who should get the gift has peculiar tastes. But, if the person in questions is a man who is into the outdoors lifestyle, there are plenty of fantastic gifts anyone can get him. These include survival gear, but other fun and useful gadgets and products that will often come in handy. Here is the ultimate list of the survival-related products that will thrill anyone who is interested in this type of a lifestyle. A bear grylls knife is, for example, a great gift for a survival father.

Miniature Survival Kit

A survival kit is a small package that includes everything needed for making it in the wilderness. These packages cover things like a foldable short blade, small LED light, whistle, aluminum foil, a fire starter kit, signal mirror, a fishing kit, smile survival instructions and even a snare wire. These packs are exceedingly small, but also rugged and waterproof, making them an ideal companion for a survivalist.

Solar Battery


With a combination of a solar panel and a battery, these products allow a constant power supply even in the great outdoors. These are regularly the size of a bigger wallet, making them ideal for camping trips and treks outside of the civilization. Most of these come completely weatherproof so that rain and dirt will not bother them. By mounting them on a backpack, any electronic device can be charged while the person is on the move.

Crank-powered Radio

Being informed is crucial for any survival situation, and crank-powered AM/FM radios are the best option. With a Weather Band radio feature, they will provide their owners with a constant connection to the outside world no matter where they are. Operated using a simple crank, these radios are a dream come true for those who need to stay in the loop for as long as necessary. Usually, these models provide about 15 minutes of the radio being active for one minute of cracking, which is a great tradeoff.

With these unique alternatives, any man who loves the survivalist lifestyle and this type of a mentality can get a perfect present.